Course Isotope 3


Executive Certificate Programme in Islamic Studies (1 year)

The one-year intensive programme empowers women and men for engaging in inclusive dialogue with Muslims in particular and other believers in general. It includes a joint and unique interreligious learning experience through the mandatory Tangaza Annual Summer School on Islam and Christianity in Dialogue in Africa (TASSICDA). It now also…

IRDIS’ Certificate in Islamic Studies

IRDIS’ Certificate in Islamic Studies – YouTube All certificates up to the highest institution attended. The candidates need to have scores C+ in KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education) or equivalent Curriculum vitae Letter of recommendation from the sponsor (Bishop, Religious Superior, Imam, Parents, A Head of Institution…) A copy…

Short-term courses with International Academic partners

As part of the international partnerships with IRDIS the demand for planning and implementation of academic short courses is evident and resulted e.g. in the implementation of specialization courses with FSCIRE and the annual summer school.

Diploma in Islamic Studies and Christian – Muslim Relations (2 years)

The Diploma programme will focus on deepening the understanding of Islam, but also on African Traditional Religion (ATR) and Christianity in Africa. Furthermore, the relations and dialogue between Christians and Muslims worldwide will be explored. A practical exposure experience will be mandatory for this programme. .

Bachelor in IRD, Islamic Studies and Christian – Muslim Relations (3 years)

The BA programme is an extension of the Certificate and Diploma. It further opens the perspectives beyond religions that are prevalent in the African context, whilst empowering students to tackle concrete dialogue questions within their respective contexts.

Master in Applied Interreligious Dialogue (2 years)

On the basis of the skills and knowledge obtained in the BA IRD or Theology (or other accepted relevant qualifications), this MA programme aims at deepening applicable knowledge and widening the horizon of future church professionals, researchers, civil society actors or government staff to become proactive agents of dialogue.

PHD in Religious Studies (4 years)

The planned introduction of this overarching and interdisciplinary PHD programme, will enable MA alumni to continue their studies and research at TUC. Since IRD is a topic of acknowledged international relevance, the proposed programme will lead to relevant IRD research. IRDIS can facilitate this specialisation, as other departments will add…